Album of chess composers

In chess magazines we see a lot of chess composers
above diagrams but their faces are unknown to everyone.
Due to this fact I decided to create this small album
from the available pictures of chess composers. I kindly
ask chess composers to send your picture to my email
goja(AT) and it will be my pleasure to add
it to this album.

Total: 508 Photos
Victor Aberman
Pavel Arestov
Romeo Bedoni
Nikolay Beluhov
Franco Bertoli
Mikola Chernyavskij
Monica Delia Duca
Alessandro Fassano
Daniele Giacobe
Luis Gonzalez
Valery Kalashnikov
Fedor Kapustin
Evgeny Kopylov
Peter Krug
Mario Leoncini
Stefano Mariani
Wouter Mees
Rosario Notaro
Petro Novitsky
Alexey Oganesyan
Alain Pallier
Ivan Paskalev
Rodolfo Riva
Vladimir Sychov
Jan Timman
Mario Velluchi
Odette Vollenweider

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